Golden hour at Cherai

These sunset scenes were shot a few years back, when still not sure of composing a frame and handling only a P & S Cam. Nevertheless I love these pictures of Golden hour!

Hope you will also love these scenes  🙂

cherai 050

cherai 059

cherai 069

cherai 056


Red-whiskered Bulbul

Red-whiskered bulbul

This pretty Red-whiskered  Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) is a regular visitor to my garden.

During  breeding seasons a pair of them fly around my terrace garden, unmindful of my presence, drink water and bathe in the shallow pan I have provided for the birds. They take turns and cool off!

Red- whiskered bulbuls are beautiful with brown upper-parts and whitish underparts with buff flanks and a dark spur running onto the breast at shoulder level. It has a tall pointed black crest and  red face patch. The tail is long ; the vent area is red.

They feed on fruits and insects.

Their shrill sound reverberates in the morning and evening hours and needless to say, I enjoy it.



Cooling off on my terrace


Ground Skimmer

Female Ground Skimmer
Ground skimmer-male

Ground skimmer (Diplacodes trivialis) is a dragonfly that is commonly found in gardens, fields and playgrounds, in both dry and wet areas across India.

They generally fly closer to the ground and perch on low bushes and hence the name. If you have caught a dragonfly and played with it in your childhood, chances are that it is a ground skimmer  🙂

I have male and female Ground skimmer here. Male is more bluish and female is pale greenish. They are Friends from my garden. Male looks a bit old.

Two more pictures are here.





Banana Skipper

FG2 2
Banana skipper

A ‘friend’ or a ‘foe’? This butterfly, my garden friend, is actually a pest.

Banana skipper or Palm redeye (Erionota thrax) is a pest of banana plants as these are the host plants for their larvae.
One fine morning I observed that the leaves of my banana plants are almost gone! Though I tried, could not locate the eggs. After hatching, the caterpillars move towards the outer edge of the leaf where they feed and roll the leaf to make a shelter. They also exude a fine white powdery material over their body and pupates in this leaf roll.

You can see the plant here, destroyed by the larvae.

Leaf roll- pupa
Host plant


Eventide – 8

Sri Lanka Sunset!

Another golden evening!

Sunset scenes captured from the backyard beach of Taprospa Footprints, Beruwela, Sri Lanka.

Being cloudy, couldn’t get the orange ball dipping in the sea.








E3 2
Earthworm- Crawling on my terrace

This time I have a true friend of my garden, nick named “Farmers’ friend”. That is none other than Earthworm!
I apply vermicompost in my vegetable garden that I have on my terrace. Trying to go organic  🙂
Earthworms eat up the humus in the soil and the worm casting is manure. They burrow the soil and aerate it.
During the last rain, I observed a phenomenon. It rained heavily during the night and  hordes of earthworms had crawled out of the ‘Growbags’ . Generally we can’t see them in the Growbags.

They were all over the terrace in the morning and I had to collect and put them back to where they belonged. That was an urgency as crows were waiting and already feasting on them!
I didn’t forget a to click a few pictures of them and here they are.





Rock Pigeon

A pair of rock pigeons

A bird that is highly adapted to life in cities and towns all over the world, the rock dove or rock pigeon (Columba livia) is a member of the bird family of Columbidae. This bird is often referred to as simply the “pigeon”.

They are seen in large numbers near my dwelling, roosting and breeding in the niches of the tall apartment buildings.

Without fear the pigeons land on my terrace to have a drink and oblige for a photo shoot. They come in pairs or alone, mostly taking turns to drink. This is not the norm always, as you can see in the picture  🙂

On my terrace


Love you…   🙂


Moths Are Beautiful!

M4 2
Indian owlet moth (Spirama retorta)

Moths are as beautiful as butterflies, no doubt. There are so many colourful moths around that are even prettier than butterflies.

Today, I am sharing pictures of a few of my garden friends. They may not be colourful; my stress is on their designer wings.

Moths are generally nocturnal. These moths are photographed in my garden, in the evening hours,  resting on the wall or ground.

M2 2 2
A Noctuid Moth (Ischyja sp:)
M1 2
Geometer moth (Semiothisa emersaria)


M3 (1)
Noctuid Moth (Bastilla crameri)


Romantic Sunset!

Sun sets over River Periyar (Aluvapuzha)…. very romantic sunset indeed!

Watching the sunset along with your loved one can be a moment to cherish for ever… Enjoy these sunset pictures   🙂






A Beautiful Butterfly!

Sahyadri Yeoman

Here again, with a beautiful butterfly, Sahyadri Yeoman.

That is its name, scientifically known as Cirrochroa thais. They are plenty during the flowering seasons and mainly feed on nectar of Compositae flowers. They fly closer to the ground level and sit on the flower long enough to click a picture or two.

Larvae are spiny. Here you can see one hanging in air on a thread-like structure, almost like the silken thread of a cobweb. It was coming down from the overhanging branches of a tree.

The pupa also is spiny and gets attached to nooks and crevices.

Emerging from pupa
Did you notice, she is my Blog cover page girl! 🙂