Patterns and Shapes in Nature- 13

Caladium ‘Freckles’

Caladiums are tropical plants with colourful patterns on their leaves.
Caladium leaves have combinations of red, pink, green or white on them with coloured midribs and contrasting backgrounds. With lush multi-coloured leaves, many larger than the palm of our hand, Caladiums have become one of the most popular ornamental plants. Do you know that Caladiums grow wild in tropical forests?
Due to white, magenta or red freckled patterns this species has the common name Caladium Freckles.
Caladium freckles is the third variety of Caladium that I have presented in my posts. These plants grow in my garden.
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Feathered Friends from Far and Near- 2

House Finch- female

House finches (Haemorhous mexicanus) are familiar backyard birds of California. These vegetarian birds forage on the ground or in the vegetation normally eating grains, seeds, berries, and fruits.
Female house finches are not colourful like their male counterparts. Hope you remember them. Otherwise, just visit the link here (MALE).
Females are plain greyish brown with thick, blurry streaks on the belly and breast. Juveniles look like females in their plumage colour.