Smile of Earth- 25

A Burst of Stamens!

Bottlebrush- Callistemon sp:

Flowers are generally beautiful due to the presence of colourful petals. People love flowers for their array of colours, textures, shapes and fragrance.
Now, imagine flowers without these showy petals or, with inconspicuous petals. Will we still adore them?
Yes…many flowers have variations in their essential whorls, like stamens, to compensate for the lack of colourful petals and they still look beautiful! In these flowers the stamens are usually very conspicuous, brightly coloured and numerous.
Here you can enjoy the beauty of a few such flowers with a burst of stamens.
These flowers belong to the family Myrtaceae, the family of Guava.

Nilgiri tree- Eucalyptus globulus
Guavasteen – Feijoa sellowiana
Rose apple- Syzygium jambos

Eventide- 26

Sunset sky

These sunset scenes show more of sunset sky than the dipping orange ball.
Sun was playing hide and seek on the cloudy horizon and could get only a glimpse of the golden ball as seen in the last picture.
I had posted pictures of this Sri Lankan sunset earlier. These are different versions from the same series, captured on the same day.