Friends in My Garden- 39


E3 2
Earthworm- Crawling on my terrace

This time I have a true friend of my garden, nick named “Farmers’ friend”. That is none other than Earthworm!
I apply vermicompost in my vegetable garden that I have on my terrace. Trying to go organic  🙂
Earthworms eat up the humus in the soil and the worm casting is manure. They burrow the soil and aerate it.
During the last rain, I observed a phenomenon. It rained heavily during the night and  hordes of earthworms had crawled out of the ‘Growbags’ . Generally we can’t see them in the Growbags.

They were all over the terrace in the morning and I had to collect and put them back to where they belonged. That was an urgency as crows were waiting and already feasting on them!
I didn’t forget a to click a few pictures of them and here they are.