Landscapes- 16

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States. The area surrounding the lake is also referred to as Lake Tahoe, or simply Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe is a major tourist attraction. Winter sports and the beautiful scenery are enjoyed by the tourists. During summer the delightful Emerald Bay is a sight to behold.
These pictures were captured in South Lake Tahoe, on the California side. Scenic views of Emerald Bay and Tahoe beach are seen in these pictures. Fannette Island, located right in the middle of Emerald Bay is seen in the third picture, to the left.

Patterns and Shapes in Nature- 11

A designer jacket!

Look at these pictures. Any wild guess, what do these pictures show?!
Here it is… these are macro pictures of the pattern on a Pomelo rind (skin)- it’s designer jacket!
Pomelo is the giant Citrus fruit, and its scientific name is Citrus maxima, alias Citrus grandis. In my native place it is called Babloos naranga or Kambili naranga.
The rind of the fruit also has several uses. It has essential oils. The dried and pleasant-smelling rind can act as insect repellent and natural deodorant in our shelves and cupboards.