Friends in My Garden- 38

Rock Pigeon

A pair of rock pigeons

A bird that is highly adapted to life in cities and towns all over the world, the rock dove or rock pigeon (Columba livia) is a member of the bird family of Columbidae. This bird is often referred to as simply the “pigeon”.

They are seen in large numbers near my dwelling, roosting and breeding in the niches of the tall apartment buildings.

Without fear the pigeons land on my terrace to have a drink and oblige for a photo shoot. They come in pairs or alone, mostly taking turns to drink. This is not the norm always, as you can see in the picture  🙂

On my terrace


Love you…   🙂

Friends in My Garden- 37

Moths Are Beautiful!

M4 2
Indian owlet moth (Spirama retorta)

Moths are as beautiful as butterflies, no doubt. There are so many colourful moths around that are even prettier than butterflies.

Today, I am sharing pictures of a few of my garden friends. They may not be colourful; my stress is on their designer wings.

Moths are generally nocturnal. These moths are photographed in my garden, in the evening hours,  resting on the wall or ground.

M2 2 2
A Noctuid Moth (Ischyja sp:)
M1 2
Geometer moth (Semiothisa emersaria)


M3 (1)
Noctuid Moth (Bastilla crameri)