Eventide- 6

Glory at Golden Gate!

These are the sunset scenes at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

Generally it is difficult to get a clear view as Golden gate bridge is always covered in fog. The shots are taken from Berkeley Marina. Third picture shows Golden Gate Bridge.






Friends in My Garden- 31

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bee

Carpenter bees are plenty when my Moringa tree (Moringa olefera) flowers and also when Golden shower tree (Cassia fistula) weighs down with flowers near my home.

The common name “Carpenter bee” derives from their nesting behavior; nearly all species burrow into soft plant material such as dead wood or bamboo. Nests can be also ¬†found on wooden parts of buildings.

Xylocopa pubescens is a species of large carpenter bee commonly found in India and it needs warm climate.

Carpenter bees can be distinguished from Bumble bees with the absence of yellow hairy bands on the abdomen.

Foraging for pollen and nectar on Moringa flowers



Female carpenter bees