Friends in My Garden- 24

Jungle Crow

Jungle crow

Jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos ) or Indian jungle crow can be distinguished from the House crow by the absence of  grey neck. The glossy plumage and large bill are other characteristics. Irrespective of the name, they are seen all over cities and towns.

A lovely pair of the Jungle crow has built a nest on a tree next to my house and the couple is going steady since a few years!

I have seen them raising chicks of the Asian koel, which is a brood parasite.

The crow family is not much afraid to have a drink on my terrace and they sit and chat, never minding my presence 😊

On my terrace
A pensive mood…
Seal with a kiss….love you

Friends in My Garden- 23

Tailed Palmfly

Tailed palmfly

Tailed palmfly (Elymnias caudata) is a dweller of my garden and is seen in pairs during breeding season.  They appear brown while resting but when they take off, bright orange colour of the upper side of the hind wings is displayed.

As the name suggests, this butterfly prefers palm trees as host plant for the young ones. They are real gluttons and many times destroy the ornamental palm trees in my garden.

There is a tail-like projection on vein 4 of the hind wing that distinguishes these from Common palmfly.

These are pictured in my garden.

The darker one is the male
Caterpillar- on the underside of a palm leaf
Emerging from pupa

Friends in My Garden- 22

Some Iridescent Bugs

Cuckoo wasp

‘Every realm of nature is marvelous’…that is what Aristotle said! Each living thing is beautiful and divine.

Though bugs, they are so beautiful. I am referring to these iridescent insects with their lovely colouration. I have captured a few from my garden. They are in fact the jewels of nature.

The pictures may not be of great quality; still presenting them here. I am really fascinated by them.

Jewel bug
Japanese beetle
Blue bottle fly