My Third Eye Vision

Welcome to ‘My Third Eye…!’ and ‘My Third Eye Vision’, my Photoblog.

‘Friends in my garden’, the first theme that I have chosen, is a collection of my shots from my surroundings . Looking around and finding exotic birds and other little critters is really interesting. Now this is a favourite pastime activity and I enjoy it to the hilt!

I would surely want to add more themes to ‘My Third Eye Vision’. Starting this month, March 2017, my blogposts are on the theme ‘Eventide’…the romantic sunsets!  🙂

Friends from my garden will also be posted along with this.

I will update this as and when new themes are introduced.

Viewers can scroll up my Blogposts, from the Menu link ‘BLOG’, and view them. A better way is to go to the ‘CATEGORIES’ on the side panel and view each of it. Your constructive comments are always appreciated…


Angel’s Trumpet, Caesalpinia, White Ixora, Euphorbia- From my garden