Welcome to ‘My Third Eye…!’ and ‘My Third Eye Vision’, my Photoblog.

It was a long-standing wish to start a blog, especially a photoblog and it materialized on 16th of September 2016. My idea was to blog on a specific theme, giving importance to my photographs. Photography is my passionate hobby, though a self-taught photographer.

I am an active member of flickr, the photo-sharing platform since many years; learnt a lot in photography from flickr. My photos can be viewed in my PHOTOSTREAM of flickr

‘Friends from my garden’, the first theme that I have chosen, is a collection of my shots from my immediate surroundings . Looking around and finding exotic birds and other little critters is really interesting. Now this is a favourite pastime activity and I enjoy it to the hilt!

I would surely want to add more themes to ‘My Third Eye Vision’. Starting this month, March 2017, my blogposts are on the theme ‘Eventide’…the romantic sunsets!  🙂

Friends from my garden will also be posted along with this.

I will update this as and when new themes are introduced. Please go through the link, ‘MY THIRD EYE VISION’, in the Menu.

Viewers can scroll up my Blogposts, from the Menu link ‘BLOG’, and view them. A better way is to go to the ‘CATEGORIES’ on the side panel and view each of it. Your constructive comments are always appreciated…


Angel’s Trumpet, Caesalpinia, White Ixora, Euphorbia- From my garden