Nature has always fascinated me...!

Nature offers solace and comfort. The hues and colours of nature,
the sounds and whispers of nature, and the vibrancy of nature...a 
marvelous combination to inspire any sagging morale!

I am an amateur hobbyist photographer, and trying to capture this beauty of 
nature with my Third Eye, my camera.
The posts in 'Friends in my garden' focus on the beautiful life in and around my garden.
Hope you will enjoy this!

River Periyar…in my native village 
Panel 1

My Third Eye Vision

Welcome to ‘My Third Eye Vision’…and ‘Friends in my garden’, a collection of my shots from my surroundings .

Looking around and finding exotic birds and other little critters is really interesting. And I am lucky to have a garden and surroundings, thriving with them.

Now this is a favourite pastime activity and I enjoy it to the hilt! Finding the ID of certain cute little bugs is challenging and the research for it is very rewarding.

Viewers can scroll up my Blog posts and read. A better way is to go to the categories and view each of it. Your constructive comments are always appreciated…

A few flowers from my garden will surely captivate you!

Angel’s Trumpet, Caesalpinia, White Ixora, Euphorbia


Panel 2


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