Eventide- 30

Warm Sunset

Once again taking you along to witness a lovely sunset in my hometown.
It was a mesmerising phenomenon unfolding in the western sky, with the setting sun painting the sky with a warm orange hue. I watched this over River Periyar, standing on the skywalk across the river.
A few shutterbugs were also clicking away the scene while many were just enjoying it.
The warmth of the orange glow lingered in the sky much after the orange ball disappeared in the horizon.

Eventide- 29

Golden Evening

Antioch is located on the banks of the San Joaquin River in Northern California. Visited this delta town of the river on July 4th to witness the celebratory fireworks of the Independence Day.
The timing was scheduled in such a way that I could catch the beautiful sunset scenes. Here I am sharing a few of those scenes in sequence…the golden evening at Antioch. Hope you all will enjoy these scenes.

Eventide- 28

Sun sets at La Jolla

La Jolla (pronounced ‘La Hoya’) is a beautiful seaside town of San Diego. Don’t know whether ‘town’ is the right word to describe the place; it is as quiet and serene as a village!
I witnessed the sunset from the Coast Walk Trail of the Shell beach in La Jolla.
Being a cloudy evening, the finale of the spectacle was not visible. Even then it was so enjoyable with the sunset glow lighting up the sky.
Cloudy or clear skies, sunsets are always enjoyable. These pictures are in the sequence of the unfolding event.

Eventide- 27

Sunset in the Village

A few sunset images from my recent trip to my native village…
The countryside is so peaceful during sunset. People relax by the riverside and cattle graze leisurely. The ambience is so unhurried and easy-going that one would wish to spend the whole life there!

The first picture was captured after a brief spell of rain. As the clouds thinned, the evening sky became less colourful, contrary to what we expect. Nonetheless, it was so charming as the sun went down behind the trees. Thoroughly enjoyed the scenes standing on the banks of river Periyar.

Eventide- 26

Sunset sky

These sunset scenes show more of sunset sky than the dipping orange ball.
Sun was playing hide and seek on the cloudy horizon and could get only a glimpse of the golden ball as seen in the last picture.
I had posted pictures of this Sri Lankan sunset earlier. These are different versions from the same series, captured on the same day.

Eventide- 25

Twilight scenes

Today my pictures represent the scenes after sunset, basically the twilight scenes. The pictures were captured from a north-west direction.
These scenes lack the reddish glow that we expect. I am not sure of the reason. May be the thick fog in the Bay area is the reason. Or the direction. These pictures were captured at Berkeley Marina on a foggy day and the sunset itself was also not clearly visible.
You may agree that twilight scenes are not less beautiful!

Eventide- 24

Dramatic evening sky!

Well, not sunset actually.
These are the dramatic scenes just before the sunset in the city. The pictures were captured on the move. Once the vehicle took a ninety degree turn in the opposite direction, I lost sight of the finale of the drama in the sky!
I thought these are still worth sharing. Loved the rich golden hues…hope you will like these

Eventide- 23


We have heard about the ‘afterglow’ very often.
The afterglow is an intense red or golden glow of the western atmosphere long after sunset, when most twilight colors might have disappeared.
I was curious to know about the glow seen in the eastern sky after sunset and got this information that I am sharing here, along with my photographs.
This glow is ‘Alpenglow’!
During sunset on clear evenings, the atmosphere around the horizon opposite of the Sun appears as shades of orange and pink. The pink color is due to the sunlight that is shining through denser atmosphere near Earth’s western horizon, and reflecting off the atmosphere on eastern side. This reflection back towards the observer is called backscattering. It creates a pink and orangish stretch near the eastern horizon. The same light is often seen on mountain tops at sunset and hence the term ‘Alpenglow’.

San Francisco Financial district in the foreground
Alpenglow on the south-eastern side of the Golden Gate Bridge

Eventide- 22

Glory at the end!

Sunsets are romantic!
Whether you are a nature lover or a technocrat, the beauty of sunsets is undeniable. I’m sure there is no one who hasn’t said “wow” after watching the glorious sundown.
The magical view of the setting sun and changing colours of the sky never get old!
Here is a series of sunset pictures captured at Santa Cruz, California. Watched the sunset along with roosting pelicans and cormorants.
I was surprised to notice a peculiar feature- after the initial stages, there was no golden reflection on the water!! I have no explanation…

Eventide- 21

Sun drops in Pacific...

Aren’t sunsets beautiful? A glorious moment of the day!!
It is delightful for photographers to get that perfect moment, when they are capturing the glory of a setting sun.
Sunsets are among the most beautiful things we’re lucky to see almost every day. That beautiful mix of colors lighting up the sky is just breathtaking!!
Enjoy these sunset scenes captured at Point Reyes National park beach, California.
“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”
Wishing all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!