Feathered Friends from Far and Near- 3

Brewer’s Blackbird

This is Brewer’s blackbird, male species.
The Brewer’s Blackbird (Euphagus cyanocephalus) is sexually dimorphic; that is, distinct differences in appearance is shown by male and female of the species. The sexual dimorphism of the species is quite visible, in both plumage and eye colour, though they have similar body shape. Males are all black with a purplish sheen on the head and greenish sheen on the wings and upperparts. They have pale yellow eyes.
I will present the female bird in a later post.
These blackbirds inhabit fields and areas near human habitation. Many can be seen feeding on insects, grains or on food crumbs near parks and eateries.
These birds were photographed in California.

Feathered Friends from Far and Near- 2

House Finch- female

House finches (Haemorhous mexicanus) are familiar backyard birds of California. These vegetarian birds forage on the ground or in the vegetation normally eating grains, seeds, berries, and fruits.
Female house finches are not colourful like their male counterparts. Hope you remember them. Otherwise, just visit the link here (MALE).
Females are plain greyish brown with thick, blurry streaks on the belly and breast. Juveniles look like females in their plumage colour.

Feathered Friends from Far and Near- 1

House finch

Friends, starting a new series- ‘Feathered friends from far and near‘. Probably a few of the birds that I had already presented in my earlier blogs may be repeated. I will try to give a different photograph, if possible 😊

Today, let us see the House finch (Haemorhous mexicanus). It is a small bird, as big as the sparrow. The bird has a conical seed-eating beak.
This is an adult male bird with rosy-red colour around the face and upper thorax. The plumage has brown streaks on the belly. Wings and tail have dull brown feathers.
The photographs were captured in the State of California.