Friends in my garden- 70

Adorable Squirrel

On my terrace

The Indian palm squirrel (Funambulus palmarum) is native to the warm, humid areas of the southern Indian subcontinent. The species is known for the distinctive three stripes across its back and is also called the Three-striped palm squirrel.
Highly adapted to urban life, these adorable critters are always seen around my house. They even venture to build their nests in the corners of the windows, gnawing at the wooden frame, much to our chagrin.
Indian palm squirrels prefer to feed on nuts and fruits. They are also believed to eat certain insects and caterpillars etc, making them omnivorous.
These critters are always busy, vocal and unlike other squirrels they do not hibernate.
I have captured different actions of their busy schedule ūüôā

Enjoying the seeds of tamarind

Friends in my garden- 60

Indian palm squirrel

Indian palm squirrel (Funambulus palmarum) is known for the distinctive three stripes across its back, much similar to that in Chipmunks, a smaller variety of squirrels seen in N. America.
There is a legend related to the stripes seen on this squirrel. Though it is a well-known legend in India, here it is in brief.
According to this Mythological legend, the squirrel helped Lord Rama to collect sand and build bridge to reach Lanka, the Kingdom of Ravana, where Sita was in captivity. Lord Rama stroked squirrel’s back to show his appreciation and three stripes, marks of his fingers, appeared on its back.
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This adorable critter decided to have lunch on my backyard wall. Looked like the rice I had placed was tast
Observe the expressions!

Let me taste it…
It’s tasty!
No…I won’t share with you

Friends in My Garden- 14

Building Nest

Making fibres from a dry branch

I was watching this cute little critter, Indian Palm Squirrel, working hard to collect building materials on my backyard fence.

She was tugging at a dried branch, gnawing at it and making fibres out of it. After about five minutes, she could get a mouthful of fibres, made it into a ball using her forelimbs and sat still for a few seconds. May be taking a deep breath after the hard work.

Then scurried to her destination in a nearby tree and disappeared among the branches…the place that she selected to make her nest and settle down!



She got a mouthful of fibres

Friends in My Garden- 7

Indian Palm Squirrel

Adorable Indian Palm Squirrel

This adorable critter is plentiful around my home; jumping from branch to branch, running around on my terrace…they are so cute!

Indian palm squirrel (Funambulus palmarum) is a nut and fruit eater. The stripes on their back make them very attractive. Very vocal on detection of any danger.

They are seen in pairs during breeding season and together they build their nests. Some of them prefer niches and corners of my  windows and roof! We can see them collecting materials for nest building, going up and down through the same trail.


Collecting materials for nest building

Feasting on Guava in my backyard    On my terrace on a summer day