Eventide- 27

Sunset in the Village

A few sunset images from my recent trip to my native village…
The countryside is so peaceful during sunset. People relax by the riverside and cattle graze leisurely. The ambience is so unhurried and easy-going that one would wish to spend the whole life there!

The first picture was captured after a brief spell of rain. As the clouds thinned, the evening sky became less colourful, contrary to what we expect. Nonetheless, it was so charming as the sun went down behind the trees. Thoroughly enjoyed the scenes standing on the banks of river Periyar.

Landscape- 1

From God’s Own Country!

Starting a new series, based on the theme ‘Landscape’.

“When you are with a landscape, there is no need to speak, but simply to listen, to perceive, to feel.”

The first post in this series is from my village, in the State of Kerala, India.
River Periyar and one of its distributaries; hope you will enjoy the countryside scenes of God’s Own Country!!

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Romantic Sunset!

Sun sets over River Periyar (Aluvapuzha)…. very romantic sunset indeed!

Watching the sunset along with your loved one can be a moment to cherish for ever… Enjoy these sunset pictures   🙂