Friends in my garden-64

Spotted dove


Spotted doves (Spilopelia chinensis) are elegant visitors to my terrace. They are friendly, still very watchful of my movements. They visit in pairs to have a drink or two in the birdbath provided.

It is very comforting to watch these birds. They wait on the trellis in my terrace garden, watch the other birds that make a racket at the birdbath and fly down when the din subsides and other birds fly away. They are well mannered, adding to their elegance. Never rush or chase other birds…but, wait for their turn patiently to quench their thirst! These are pictures captured on my terrace.

Spotted dove is also called the mountain dove, pearl-necked dove and lace-necked dove. These are common residents across the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia. They are very common in urban areas, foraging on the ground for grass seeds, grains, fallen fruits and seeds of other plants.

At the birdbath
Sunning on my terrace

Friends in My Garden- 15

Spotted Dove

Sitting pretty on my parapet

These  elegant and urbanized birds are my companions on my terrace. I can spend time watching them…their soft cooing, cuddling together, drinking water that I have provided and foraging on the ground for seeds or fallen fruits.

Spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is a small and long-tailed pigeon, which is a common  bird across its native range on the Indian Subcontinent.

They move around in pairs.Their flight is quick with regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings. Nests are built with small twigs and are placed in the niches of the roof.

All these pictures are captured on my terrace.

The soft cooing

I love you….

On a hot day