Friends in my garden- 68

An Assortment of Butterflies

Blue tiger butterfly

Today, let us enjoy the beauty of these butterflies.
The common names of some of these butterflies may be funny. These are delicate critters, and the name ‘tiger’ is a misnomer, as far as common people like us are concerned.
Blue tiger butterflies (Tirumala limniace) are migratory in nature. Here, it is feeding on a Periwinkle flower in my garden.
This Plain tiger butterfly (Danaus chrysippus) is a male, identifiable due to the presence of a white pouch. This pouch is seen on the underside of the hind wings in a black patch.
The Common crow butterflies (Euploea core) have dull brown wings with white spots.
Great eggfly or Common eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina) is seen feeding on sandalwood flowers, behind my house. In males wings are black or dark brown with white marks. Females are colourful.

Plain tiger butterfly
Common crow butterfly
Great eggfly

Friends in My Garden- 12

Common Indian Crow

Common Indian Crow Butterfly

Do not get misled by the name…this is a butterfly very common in my place and all over India.

The Common crow butterfly (Euploea core) is not very colourful; yet it is very lovely. Glossy black or dark brown with white spots make it very beautiful. They are slow feeders, taking their own sweet time at the flowers.

The larva of the species is colourful and possesses tentacle-like structures. Chrysalis is glossy and silvery.

I have images of these stages captured in my garden.

Larva of the butterfly

The silvery chrysalis

Common crow butterfly – emerging from chrysalis