Friends in my garden- 58

Spotted Beauty


My second post on Spotted Beauty- Asian Koel female.
Please check out the first post HERE.
Asian koels, members of the Cuckoo family, are frequent visitors. After quenching thirst on my terrace, they forage in the vegetable garden for ripe tomatoes also!

This beauty had a drink. Then she flew on to a tree nearby, which had Tinospora vine climbing on it. The ripe berries were a definite attraction. She might have had her fill and then flew away.
I could capture a few pictures of her in sequence.

Though very attractive, she has a not -so-desirable character of laying eggs in the nests of other birds especially crows, where the foster parent nurtures the young ones till they begin to fly.




Friends in My Garden- 3

Black is Beautiful!

Asian koel- Male

Black and handsome….that is Asian koel male!

This legendary singer appears shy and timid like his female counterpart, mostly hiding in the foliage. He is very vocal during breeding season and defends his territory fiercely!

The iridescent black plumage is very attractive and the red iris is fierce.

Asian koels (Eudynamys scolopaceus) belong to the cuckoo order of birds and are fairly large birds. They can be considered a brood parasite as they lay eggs in the nests of crows and other hosts, who raise its young.

Face off between two male Asian koels
Injured, but not out…

Friends in My Garden-2

Spotted Beauty!

Asian koel – female

I am talking about the Asian koel female, a spotted beauty. They are shy and timid, often hiding among the foliage of the trees. Though male koels are around, I have rarely seen them as a pair…separately maintaining their space!

Unlike males that are good singers with high pitch sound, females have a jarring call.

These beauties frequent my backyard trees and trees around my house, in search of berries and shelter.

Here are some pictures of Asian koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus)  female.

A thirsty spotted beauty- on my terrace
Feasting on sandalwood berries in my backyard