Friends in My Garden- 32

Giant Redeye

Giant redeye butterfly

Its a butterfly; a resident of my garden.

Giant redeye butterflies (Gangara thyrsis) are dark chocolate brown in colour, with yellowish and reddish patches on the forewings. This is not very much visible in resting position.

The larvae look funny at certain stage, with cottony, thread-like outgrowths. If disturbed they may shed these waxy threads. They are voracious eaters of palm fronds and destroy my ornamental palm plants in no time!

Caterpillar pastes together the edges of the palm leaves to make a pupa (chrysalis) and this is a sort of waterproof chamber.

Pupa (Chrysalis)
After emerging from pupa… just flew on to the next plant

Friends in My Garden- 12

Common Indian Crow

Common Indian Crow Butterfly

Do not get misled by the name…this is a butterfly very common in my place and all over India.

The Common crow butterfly (Euploea core) is not very colourful; yet it is very lovely. Glossy black or dark brown with white spots make it very beautiful. They are slow feeders, taking their own sweet time at the flowers.

The larva of the species is colourful and possesses tentacle-like structures. Chrysalis is glossy and silvery.

I have images of these stages captured in my garden.

Larva of the butterfly
The silvery chrysalis
Common crow butterfly – emerging from chrysalis