Friends in My Garden- 15

Spotted Dove

Sitting pretty on my parapet

These  elegant and urbanized birds are my companions on my terrace. I can spend time watching them…their soft cooing, cuddling together, drinking water that I have provided and foraging on the ground for seeds or fallen fruits.

Spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is a small and long-tailed pigeon, which is a common  bird across its native range on the Indian Subcontinent.

They move around in pairs.Their flight is quick with regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings. Nests are built with small twigs and are placed in the niches of the roof.

All these pictures are captured on my terrace.

The soft cooing
I love you….
On a hot day

Friends in My Garden- 10

White-cheeked Barbet

White-cheeked Barbet…having a drink on my terrace

White-cheeked barbet or small green barbet (Psilopogon viridis) is an inhabitant of South India. With their beautiful green plumage, they are difficult to be detected among the foliage.

These medium sized birds, white-cheeked barbets are generally solitary; however they are seen in pairs during breeding season. They are cavity nesters, fruit eaters and may enjoy a meal of insects as the situation demands.

Seen on trees around my home, they land on my terrace for a drink during summer days. Sometimes enjoy a bath also!

A typical pose- juvenile
Adult white-cheeked barbet

Friends in My Garden- 8

Cinereous Tit

Cinereous tit

Cute little chirpy birds…Cinereous tits (Parus cinereus)  were frequenting my premises during breeding season. They were seen in pairs, but distinguishing the male and female was not possible as they looked similar.

These active birds were constantly looking for bugs in the foliage.

When thirsty, they landed on my terrace for a drink and a bath! The pair would perch on a nearby tree and each one would take turns to enjoy. On slightest disturbance they would chirp and fly away.

I had to hide in a nook on the terrace to capture some pictures of these birds.

Quenching thirst on my terrace
Splashing around
After a bath

Friends in My Garden- 3

Black is Beautiful!

Asian koel- Male

Black and handsome….that is Asian koel male!

This legendary singer appears shy and timid like his female counterpart, mostly hiding in the foliage. He is very vocal during breeding season and defends his territory fiercely!

The iridescent black plumage is very attractive and the red iris is fierce.

Asian koels (Eudynamys scolopaceus) belong to the cuckoo order of birds and are fairly large birds. They can be considered a brood parasite as they lay eggs in the nests of crows and other hosts, who raise its young.

Face off between two male Asian koels
Injured, but not out…

Friends in My Garden- 1

Greater Coucal

Greater Coucal- Taking a walk on the parapet

A common visitor in and around my garden.

The shy and a bit clumsy bird is large and crow-like with a long tail and coppery brown wings. They forage for insects among the ground vegetations as well as tree canopies.

Also called Crow pheasant (Centropus sinensis), these are lovely birds with their characteristic ‘calls’

Summer time! Searching water on my terrace
Foraging- in my backyard