Smile of Earth- 27

Hibiscus flowers

The genus Hibiscus is a popular ornamental plant of the tropics. With showy flowers in myriad colours these are ubiquitous shrubby plants. The common species is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. In tropical climate the species requires least care compared to other ornamental plants.
Though the flowers are not scented their colour attracts nature lovers and others alike.
I read that Hibiscus is generally considered quite a feminine flower and in certain cultures these flowers are usually given to or worn by women.
In Victorian times, hibiscus bloom was gifted to acknowledge the receiver’s delicate beauty by the giver.
The colour of the flower is also considered to indicate certain emotions- like, yellow hibiscus is often associated with happiness and good luck. Red hibiscus is a symbol of love and passion. Pink hibiscus stands for friendship and love of friends.
Hibiscus tea from dried petals or flowers and their extracts in raw state were traditionally thought to help everything from heart disease to the common cold to luxurious hair growth!


63 thoughts on “Smile of Earth- 27

  1. Beautiful flowers!I used to have a Hibiscus in my garden (Melon color) It died one cold winter. Thank you for the post, Indira. πŸ™‚

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  2. Beautiful captures, Indira, especially that first one. I’m trying to grow some hibiscus in my garden, but they keep getting crowded out by all the other stuff. I’ll keep at it though as I do like to see their pink blooms in the garden.

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  3. In my former home which had a large garden, we used to have a basket full of the varieties of them. Your post had made me refresh my memory. Thanks for sharing, Indira. β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›

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  4. Wonderful shots, loved the minute details of the flower … Traditionally it’s so useful for health perspective !! Glad to know about it’s beautiful health Quality !! Amazing !! Keep sharing both descriptive shots !!

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