Friends in my garden- 69

Black Drongo

Juvenile Black drongo, on a favourite perch on my terrace

A songbird of open areas such as farmland, fields, and urban gardens, black drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a common sight perched on wires, cables or small bare branches that pop out.
This species is identifiable by a white spot at the base of the beak on either side.
It is famous for its aggressive behaviour towards much larger birds such as crows and chase away any birds that invade its territory. Smaller birds often find it safe to nest in the vicinity of well-guarded Black drongo neighbourhood.
Another interesting fact is its ability to mimic, producing a variety of avian calls.
This insectivorous bird is glossy black with long and deeply forked outer tail feathers. Male and female birds are similar in appearance.
Though aggressive to other birds, it was very friendly with me, relaxing on my terrace and even posing for photoshoot πŸ™‚

Adult bird- having a drink
On a clothesline on the terrace, after quenching thirst
A couple in the twlight

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