Patterns and Shapes in Nature- 12

Star fruit

True to its name, star fruit appears like a star in its cross section. Carambola or star fruits are produced by a medium sized tree, Averrhoa carambola. The tree flourishes in the tropical regions.
The fruit has tart ‘n’ sweet taste and is used in many dishes. Though the fruits have many health benefits, they have mild toxic effects also due to the presence of neurotoxins.
Star fruit is best eaten when it is fully ripe.

40 thoughts on “Patterns and Shapes in Nature- 12

    1. Thank you, Mousumi. Just a fruit once a weak or so will not affect normally healthy people. People with other ailments and having prescribed medication may consult a physician.


      1. I have eaten a piece of it once, the taste was so tangy that it literally zolted me. It’s really wonderful that God has adorned this planet with such endless variety of fruits and flowers. More you know, more it remains to be known!
        Thanks to you we come to know about such wonders of nature.

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  1. I haven’t seen star fruit in a supermarket for a long time. Now I’m wondering if that’s because they are less likely to sell in this area than they were to sell in Edinburgh. I’ve only had them once or twice – they were an exotic treat in a fruit salad.

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