Friends in my garden- 67

White-cheeked Barbet

Waiting on the trellis in my terrace garden

This beautiful, predominantly green bird is a resident of South India.
I am lucky to have them around my house and they regularly visit to have a drink and bath on my terrace. Then, have a meal of Tinospora berries before disappearing into the green foliage of the tall trees nearby.
White-cheeked barbets (Psilopogon viridis) have brown head and characteristic white patterns on its face- white patch of plumage extending from beak to ears, white line above the eyes and white throat.
These are frugivorous birds. It is very rare to see them foraging on the ground.

Having a drink
A tasty meal of Tinospora berries

52 thoughts on “Friends in my garden- 67

  1. Congratulations about your beautiful eye and photographs about nature, birds…you have a high awareness in your posts…so to say, you have/are a beautiful soul Indira, thank you for sharing

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