Friends in my garden- 59

Butterflies of Nymphalidae

Neptis hylas

I have two butterflies here.
They look similar due to the wing designs, but are different. Maybe, we can say they are related as both belong to the same family, Nymphalidae.
The one with white markings on brown is Common sailor butterfly (Neptis hylas). This is a common species seen in Indian subcontinent. Here you can see the butterfly feeding on sandalwood flowers, on a tree behind my house.

Butterfly with orange markings is Common lascar butterfly (Pantoporia hordonia). It’s distribution in India is from the Himalayas to the Western Ghats.
The adults would typically open their wings fully when perching.
This is captured from my backyard.

Pantoporia hordonia

31 thoughts on “Friends in my garden- 59

  1. (EN) Birds, landscapes, flowers and butterflies. Wow, Indira! You are a great naturalist! Thanks for sharing 😊
    (IT) Uccelli, paesaggi, fiori e farfalle. Wow, Indira! Sei una fantastica naturalista! Grazie per la condivisione 😊

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  2. Butterflies keep fluttering ,while sucking the nectar also the stay still for a friction of seconds…how did you manage them to pose for you!!
    You have a sandalwood tree!!! I have never seen,Would love to have a post on this tree😊

    Liked by 1 person

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