Landscape- 3

A Glimpse of Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya is the tea-producing highlands of Sri Lanka.
The British officials of the erstwhile Ceylon settled in this picturesque land and developed townships as the climate suited them with cold and misty temperate ambience.

The landscape is so beautiful with lush green tea gardens, many waterfalls and thick forests.

Nuwara Eliya means “City on the plain (table land)” or “City of light”.

Tea gardens
Tea gardens
Puna Ella falls
Puna Ella Falls
Ramboda falls
Ramboda Falls

19 thoughts on “Landscape- 3

  1. I was born, here, in this our most BELOVED India … in GOA … to be exact in 1936.
    Wish I had travelled a lot more all over our MOTHER LAND … and, in those days … we, the so called “white” population of India, specially the children, travelled via rail, for FREE!!!
    India … the whole country … is so LOVELY. SPECIALLY SRI LANKA.

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