Friends in My Garden- 49

Rose-ringed parakeet


Rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri) are regular visitors to my garden. They land on my Caesalpinia plant (Peacock flower plant) in small groups or in pairs to feast on the seeds. They are definitely a noisy lot!

We can easily identify the male and female birds. Males have a black-red neck band and females don’t. They have long tail feathers and very pleasing green plumage. In fact, it has given rise to the phrase ‘parrot-green’ to refer to that particular shade of green.

Rose-ringed parakeets are least threatened and have adapted well to changing habitats. I believe they can be trained to talk when caged and kept as a pet!

Here is a pair of lovely rose-ringed parakeets captured in my garden; the pictures were captured in a continuous series.

Love you…
Seal With A Kiss… 😊

30 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 49

  1. A SPLENDID presentation.
    I had this male when I lived in Bombay, now Mumbai, many, many, many moons ago.
    It mimicked human speech; not very well, but, it tried.
    My most beloved mother forgot to close the cage properly … you know the rest of this episode.

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  2. Beautiful share…
    Wow amazingly captured the beauty of parrot

    Lovely poetry in the end and fabulous description scientifically.
    … amazing shots
    Lovely greenery …
    Keep up great work….

    Liked by 1 person

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