Eventide- 11

Sunset in a Countryside

The setting sun was captured while visiting Balmuri falls in Srirangapatna.

The first two shots were captured on the move through the nearby village. Last two pictures were captured at the falls.

I loved the sunset scenes over fields that were barren after the harvest!







26 thoughts on “Eventide- 11

  1. (EN) Sunset in Karnataka instead of Kerala, but the beauty is simply beautiful there😉. Thanks for sharing these amazing shots, Indira😊.
    (IT) Tramonto in Karnataka invece del Kerala, ma la bellezza è semplicemente bellissima li😉. Grazie per la condivisione di questi fantastici scatti Indira😊

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    1. Hi, Forthemo… I am unable to comment on your posts.
      Added a comment to your last two posts (whenever these were published), but a revisit showed that the comments have vanished from these posts!!
      Cannot make out the problem…


      1. (EN) Dear Indira, thanks for the kind warning. I’ll check out if the problem depends on me.
        (IT) Cara Indira, grazie per il gentile avvertimento. Controllerò se il problema dipende da me.


      2. (EN) Your comments were on trash and I don’t know why. Please check now and I’ll adjust them.
        (IT) I tuoi commenti erano nel cestino e non so perché. Per favore controlla ora e lì sistemerò.

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  2. Those are stunning pictures. I don’t think we get those particular colours of yellow and blue so much – our sunsets tend to have lilac and purple clouds, glowing with amber and peach. I love that sunsets are unique – it is great to capture them when they are so spectular.

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