Smile of Earth- 1


Starting a new series of blogposts…yes of course, with stress on photographs. This time it is about the “Smile of Earth“; the Flowers!!


First of the series is Dahlia. It is a perennial plant from Compositae or Asteraceae family. With beautiful showy flowers, Dahlia is the attraction of many gardens.

Propagation in dahlia is through tubers. The basic species is Dahlia pinnata, though many hybrid varieties are available now.

Dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963.




18 thoughts on “Smile of Earth- 1

  1. (EN) “Smile of Earth” is a beautiful idea,Indira!😊 Your photos and descriptions are beautiful too (as usual). Thanks for sharing
    (IT) “Sorriso della terra” Γ¨ una bellissima idea Indira! 😊 Anche le tue foto e descrizioni sono belle (come al solito). Grazie per la condivisione

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  2. Beautiful flowers, Indira! I’ve tried growing dahlias in past years, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. I find they need plenty of space to do well and very often they get crowded out by all the other things in the garden. But seeing these lovely pictures inspires me to try again next year.

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