Friends in My Garden- 46

Shield bugs

This post presents shield bugs from my garden. They may be friends or foes… cannot tell easily as I couldn’t see any visible damage in my garden by these insects.

Brown marmorated stink bug-
Halyomorpha halys

Shield bugs are also called stink bugs as they release a pungent substance from special glands on their thorax, when threatened, repelling nearly any predator that has a sense of smell.

Though we refer all insects as bugs, the term ‘bug‘ actually refers to members of a specific group of insects – Hemiptera- to which shield bugs belong and so they are “True bugs”.

I couldn’t get the scientific name of the black stink bug.

Black shield bug
B3 copy
Red Cotton Bug-  Dysdercus cingulatus
Green Stink Bug – Plautia affinis

20 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 46

  1. (EN) I really like learning from you. A mix of beautiful shots and science. Thanks for sharing, Indira 😊
    (IT) Mi piace molto imparare da te. Un mix di bellissimi scatti e scienza. Grazie per la condivisione Indira 😊

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  2. Hello friend, I’ve lost my passwords etc:. I’ll have to re-do it once more; but, I’ll do it only next week. Most kind regards, Mario.

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