Friends in My Garden- 45

Common Myna

Common myna

Groups or pairs of Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) regularly visit my garden or backyard; they can be seen foraging on the road in front and the nearby properties.

This particular one was of interest as it frequented the backyard and moved in circles. A close encounter showed the reason for this circular motion… it was blind in one eye! May be a fight between the members in a group or a disease.

I noticed the disability as it flew down from the palm tree where it was perching.

I have seen it always alone and its absence is noticed since a month.

Common myna is considered a flourishing species. The prefix ‘common’ distinguishes it from ‘Jungle myna’.

With the damaged right eye





23 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 45

  1. Great capture, Indira! I wonder if this is the same type of Myna bird that can mimic human voices. I remember, back home, the local gas station kept a caged myna that used to kick up one heck of a racket every time a customer would walk up to the desk. We didn’t have a car at the time but I would go there just to listen to the myna.

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  2. (EN) Beautiful photos Indira. You are a true naturalist, because you have also noticed the disability, not just the bird.Thanks for sharing😊
    (IT) Belle foto Indira. Sei una vera naturalista, perché hai notato la disabilità e non solo l’uccello.Grazie per la condivisione😊

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