Friends in My Garden- 44

Two bugs

Two guests from my garden that are not so welcome. They are pests of my plants…

Pest on eggplant


These are pictures of a pest on Brinjal or Eggplant- Coccinellid beetle (Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata). These bugs eat away the green portions resulting in the skeletonizing and drying of the leaves. The bugs are of 5-6 mm in size. They are also named as ’28-spotted potato ladybird’.

Now certain bugs on Curry leaf plants.
These appear to be new entrants as I have never seen them before! These pictures show the larvae and adult of Tortoise Beetle (Silana farinosa) that damage the plants by skeletonizing the leaves. The bug may be 5-6 mm long.

Larvae have a deceptive shape. The globose structure is the poo carried by the larvae, mostly to scare away the enemies!

Adult tortoise beetle

19 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 44

  1. (EN)Beautiful photos Indira😊. I heard that ladybugs help the farmers, but it’s clear that they don’t. Thanks a lot for sharing
    (IT) Belle foto Indira😊.Ho sentito che le coccinelle aiutano i contadini, ma è chiaro che non lo fanno. Grazie per la condivisione

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  2. Nicely captured, Indira! The first one looks like a hairy ladybug but I’m sure it’s more destructive. Right now my garden is infested with Japanese beetles and they are really doing a number on the plants! It’s fascinating to watch these little creatures but sad to see all the damage they can do.

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