Friends inMy Garden- 41

Ground Skimmer

Female Ground Skimmer
Ground skimmer-male

Ground skimmer (Diplacodes trivialis) is a dragonfly that is commonly found in gardens, fields and playgrounds, in both dry and wet areas across India.

They generally fly closer to the ground and perch on low bushes and hence the name. If you have caught a dragonfly and played with it in your childhood, chances are that it is a ground skimmer  🙂

I have male and female Ground skimmer here. Male is more bluish and female is pale greenish. They are Friends from my garden. Male looks a bit old.

Two more pictures are here.





17 thoughts on “Friends inMy Garden- 41

  1. (EN) The first and the third photos are the best in my opinion.Nice post Indira
    (IT) La prima e la terza foto sono le migliori a mio parere.Bel post Indira

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  2. That is the first time I am getting to see a dragonfly up so so close. Such a beautiful capture, Indira. I think this is one of your best although I cannot imagine how you do it without once distracting or disturbing your muse.

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