Friends in My Garden- 29

Ashy Prinia

Ashy prinia

Ashy prinia (Prinia socialis) is a small song bird with shrill, repetitive song.  Pairs of these used to frequent my garden. Agile and chirpy, they forage among the foliage for insects.

Ashy prinia is a very common bird in farmlands and urban gardens. I have seen them fighting for space with sunbirds in my garden.

I was lucky to have them build nests in my garden. Nests were built on low shrubs and ferns. They are round and cup shaped, made of plant materials and soft cottony hairs of seeds and cobweb. The eggs are dark reddish brown

It was a pleasure to see the parent birds training their fledglings to fly!

A nest in my garden
A nest among ferns
Singing Ashy prinia

23 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 29

  1. And it is a greater pleasure to enjoy your third eye vision, Indira. You must have a lovely garden to have so many birds flying in and that too building their little nest there. My sister-in-law has a lovely garden in her home back in Kerala and it is such a pleasure to just be in the midst of the thick foliage and smell the fragrance of wet mud after during the monsoons. I am sure, now with the rains beginning you must be enjoying them so much more.
    Have a lovely Sunday, Indira!

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  2. lovely photographs and the explanations below are excellent. I was just going through few of your blogs seems really interesting😊and wow you really have a lovely garden with all these amazing visitors😉

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