Friends in My Garden- 28

Colourful Moths

Wasp moth

Presenting two moths today. Moths are generally dull in appearance but here are two exceptions.

Wasp moth (Amata passalis)  is very colourful with orange and black bands on the abdomen and orangish spots on the wings. The pictures were clicked on my terrace. This moth is reported to be seen in S. India and Sri Lanka.

Another brightly coloured moth, found in the same geographical region is commonly known as Footman moth (Nepita conferta). The antennae of this species are highly branched and has a feathery appearance.

I located him on my backyard tree, relaxing and allowed me to take many pictures.

Another view of wasp moth
Footman moth
Footman moth- another image

18 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 28

  1. Nice colourful Moths! Wow!looks beautiful here! But I don’t know I have inculcate bad habit of fearing with moths and cockroaches from childhood don’t know how to overcome those hobit🤔 I love Nature very much🌿🍀🌲🎄🌿 But at the same time sometimes I fear too with cockroaches and crocodiles and snakes and more…🤔Glad to see great Nature in your blog clear and crystal,loved it! Amazing share! Keep blogging! cheers ✌️

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