Friends in My Garden- 24

Jungle Crow

Jungle crow

Jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos ) or Indian jungle crow can be distinguished from the House crow by the absence of  grey neck. The glossy plumage and large bill are other characteristics. Irrespective of the name, they are seen all over cities and towns.

A lovely pair of the Jungle crow has built a nest on a tree next to my house and the couple is going steady since a few years!

I have seen them raising chicks of the Asian koel, which is a brood parasite.

The crow family is not much afraid to have a drink on my terrace and they sit and chat, never minding my presence 😊

On my terrace
A pensive mood…
Seal with a kiss….love you

17 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 24

  1. Cool…. Place close to nature! I have some similar visitors at home and a few you can see in my photography section in Nice clicks Indira. 😇👍

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  2. Fantastic shots! crispy informative write up! Image 1 & 2 are excellent closeups! The last one is a master piece! Though you intruded their privacy, the kissing scene you caught is excellent! Hats off Indira! Keep clicking! keep posting!

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