Friends in My Garden- 14

Building Nest

Making fibres from a dry branch

I was watching this cute little critter, Indian Palm Squirrel, working hard to collect building materials on my backyard fence.

She was tugging at a dried branch, gnawing at it and making fibres out of it. After about five minutes, she could get a mouthful of fibres, made it into a ball using her forelimbs and sat still for a few seconds. May be taking a deep breath after the hard work.

Then scurried to her destination in a nearby tree and disappeared among the branches…the place that she selected to make her nest and settle down!



She got a mouthful of fibres

14 thoughts on “Friends in My Garden- 14

  1. Well spotted!
    Cute captures!
    Yes! squirrels do spend a lot of time and energy for building nest, mostly before giving birth to young ones. If they choose a place even if you chase them 100 times they will somehow come back, build nest and give birth to young ones.

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