Wandering Glider- from my garden

Another misnomer, denoting these delicate flies. Dragonflies belong to the order Odonata. Fossil records suggest that they inhabited earth about 325 million years ago!

These predators are migratory in nature; powerful and agile fliers, capable of migrating across oceans, moving in any direction. It is an interesting observation that during monsoon, they appear in large groups and fly at a lower level before the rains.

They need water bodies to complete life cycle and loss of wetland habitats is threatening dragonfly populations around the world.

Wandering glider is the most common dragonfly across the globe. Next two pictures are captured in the backyard of my ancestral home.

Pied Paddy Skimmer- female
Greater Crimson Glider- male

9 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  1. Lovely shot!
    Loved the first pic in the lighting perspective!
    oh! they need wetland for their breeding! Sad that almost all wetlands are facing various threats and along with them are facing threats wide variety of organisms!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. (EN) You have an amazing “third eye “Indira. Thanks for sharing 😊
    (IT) Hai un meraviglioso”terzo occhio” Indira. Grazie per la condivisione😊


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